Pictures & Descriptions for Tubby Dog
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Pictures & Descriptions for Tubby Dog
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Jon Truch, President
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This is our fearless leader, Jon Truch, aka Tubby. He attended ADAD in the early 2000's, making sculptures and bad jokes. He also hosted many Sculpture studio parties featuring his "gourmet-bachelor" cuisine and excellent tastes in music. This led Jon to DJing and bar tending at Calgary's now defunct, The Nightgallery. While bar tending on tuesday nights, Jon would serve hot dogs as a way to encourage patrons to come down. The night was an instant success. After the bars closure, Jon opened up Tubby Dog in the summer of 2005. The rest is our delicious greasy history.
1st Annual Perogie Eating Contest, January 2011
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In August 2005, Tubby Dog opened on 17th Ave in Calgary's downtown core. Open day and night, serving beer, dogs, twinkies and T-rings, Tubby Dog has become a Calgary staple. It's unique environment filled with eye candy, arcade games, projected cartoons, movies and customers and staff from all walks of life. We host parties, bands, arcade contests and more. Twice a year we have eating contests, hosted by Mr.CJSW, Chad Saunders! Every September we host our Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest. We are now in our 7th year! This January we held our first Perogie Eating Contest. (Photographed here)
Tubby Dog
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Here is a shot of the front of the restaurant during Sled Island 2009. Shot by Steve Louie. (
Hot Dogs!
We serve hot dogs and they are our first love! We have 1/2 lb. homemade Ukrainean sausages, Veggie Dogs and 1/3 lb. classic dogs (beef and chicken). We also bring in Chorizo, bratwurst and more for our specials. We can steam and grill to perfection!
To accompany our delicious dogs, we have homemade sides. We have donut sized, hand cut onion rings called "T-Rings". Potato Chip styled cut Yam Fries, served with our Sweet Chili dipping sauce, shoe-string french fries, and pickled eggs!
We're licenced!
Nothing is better with a dog than a brew. We have a rotating selection of beers...but our regulars include: Pilsner, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Heineken, Kronenbourg, Steam Whistle Pilsner, Strongbow, Guiness, Red Stripe and Grolsch.
Arcade Games!
We love arcade games almost as much as we love hot dogs. We've squeezed four into the restaurant. We have Pacman, The original Super Mario Bros., Rampage and Funhouse Pinball.

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